The idea of testing dogs poop to catch the owners for not picking it up is not a new one, in fact the DNA matching technology has been around for decades. But with today's social media the resentment of such actions can quickly spread as pet owners scream that communities are violating their pets constitutional rights.

Of course, dog's don't have any rights and are considered property under the law. As much as we love them and think of them as family members, they are regulated just like any other property.

But what is the harm here?

Millions of Americans carelessly send their DNA to companies promising to "Breed Test" it and tell them what countries they came from. They don't seem to be worried about what is done with their DNA which is protected by law.

So why all the outrage when their dog's DNA is collected?

It is very simple, they don't want to pick up their dog's poop. They know with DNA on file they will get caught and fined and that means they will have to start cleaning up after their dogs.

People do not like to have anyone force them to change their behavior.

If someone is over weight they tend to embrace it rather than dieting or doing the hard work to lose weight, even when doctors advise them of the serious health risks.

So when someone is letting their dog poop daily on other people's property and leaving it at the crime scene, the last thing they want to do is start behaving responsibly and picking up the poop and carrying it home.

The idea of change frustrates people and manifests it self online in social media often confronted by the victims of their dogs pooping activities.

Nothing makes for good debate than the anger over dog poop.

Unfortunately, the apartment communities are caught in the middle of this argument with residents on both sides of the fence. Nobody wants to see, step in or deal with a neighbor's dog's poop. And the dog owners are often too lazy to pick up their dog's poop without some time of enforcement.

Even when caught, people will fight to force the community staff to prove it came from their dog. Just like when children are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Believing that there is no real evidence.

It really is an outrageous how some people behave and how inconsiderate people are of each other. But community managers have to play prison warden much of the time and keep the prison yard fights at a minimum.

Fortunately, programs like the one provided by Mr Dog Poop's DNA Lab can and do identify dogs that left the poop beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is accomplished by standard Genotyping and matching specific genetic markers unique to dogs with control samples provided from the dogs during move in and samples collected from poop left on the property.

This is not "Breed Testing". It is not guessing, it is the same process used in human criminal cases by the FBI. A process proven in decades of scientific research and performed in a secure DNA testing lab.

Mr Dog Poop's DNA Lab technicians process thousands of saliva and fecal samples weekly creating digital fingerprints of each dog.

By using 23 unique unique markers inherited from both the dogs mother and father the proprietary matching algorithm can pick individual dogs from a database of millions of genetic profiles.

It is actually an amazing use of Biology and Information Technology, combining two advanced sciences to create a powerful service to solve a problem and deconflict domestic disputes over dog poop.

Mr Dog Poop has done an amazing job putting together a program that is affordable, easy to run and extremely effective.

And while the silly debate rages on whether dogs have constitutional rights, the rest of us have an option to live in a dog poop free community and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.